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Redox Solutions a an Indianapolis-based chemical manufacturer specializing in the production of “mackinawite” structured iron sulfide based reagents.

Markets we serve

Environmental Remediation

Coal Fired Power Generation

Removal Mechanisms of Mackinawite

  • ​Dissolution / Precipitation
  • Occlusion / Mixed crystal formation / Physical entrapment
  • Surface adsorption
  • Electron Transfer / Electron “Hopping”

What makes Mackinawite Structured Iron Sulfide based Reagents Unique?

  • The ability to remove multiple metals in multiple valence states.
  • The ability to simultaneously reduce Cr(6+) to Cr(3+) and bind the Cr(3+) into the mineral structure, even in highly alkaline waste(s).
  • Extremely effective on waste(s) containing oxidized and elemental mercury (Hg), and/or uranium (U).
  • Effective on mixed-organic (chlorinated) / inorganic wastes streams.

Our Novel Mackinawite Based Reagents are:

  • Highly distorted crystalline structured allowing for optimal reactivity.
  • Stable and less prone to oxidation prior to application either in-situ or ex-situ.
  • Synthesized abiotically at our chemical plant located in Indianapolis, Indiana with particle sizes ranging from sub-micron to 200-micron.
  • Formulated with excess compounds (e.g. sulfide, iron, aluminum) depending upon on site conditions or the “contaminants of concern” (COC).

Biotic vs. Abiotic Iron Sulfide

To date, in-situ treatment of heavy metal impacted soils and/or groundwater through biotic iron sulfide formation has met with varying levels of success. Simply, Redox Solutions abiotically synthesized products eliminate the unknown factors of biotic iron sulfide formation.

Why “roll the dice” by assuming the in-situ conditions will be optimal for biotic FeS Formation?

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